The Estate ID 3880-784 Mendoza, Argentina

Details of the estate to be acquired

◉ Country: Argentina
◉ Province: Mendoza
◉ State: Maipú
◉ Square meters: 163.000m²
◉ Totalm²: 163.000m²
◉ Water supply: YES
◉ Gas supply: NO
◉ Power supply: YES
◉ Phone: NO
Viticulture production
◉ Cultivated hectares: 15.0has
◉ Planting Type: 6has Cabernet Sau, 9has Sau Blanc.
◉ Uncultivated hectares: 1.3has
Additional information
◉ Definitive Water Rights.
◉ 25% Shared Well.
◉ 1.3 hectares of leveled uncultivated land.
Additional information
◉ Entry and exit from two streets.
Estate development
The maintenance, security, pruning, and harvesting of this estate, as well as the marketing of the final product, are managed by Wine Country Estates (all costs covered in the project).

Projected returns

Estate value
◉ Buying price: U$s U$s 767.000,0
◉ Currency: USD ( United States )
◉ WCE fee: 5.0%
◉ Trustee fee: 3.0%
◉ Appreciation : 1.5% (Annual)
◉ Price/m²: U$s 4,71
Profit details
◉ ROI: 14.0% (A)
◉ Monthly RR: 1.16% (M)
◉ Annual grape prod: 0.80% (Variable)
◉ Minimum investment: U$s 1000,0
◉ Maximum investment: U$s 767.000,0
◉ Warranty: Estate and Vineyard
Investment and withdrawal terms
◉ Accepted investment: Credit/debit card, USDT, Bank transfer
◉ Accepted withdrawals: Credit/debit card, USDT, Bank transfer
◉ Processing time: Up to 72 business hours
Customer benefits
◉ Benefits: Personalized Account Executive (Portfolio over 300k U$S)
◉ Benefits: Tour experiences 2 times a year from November to May (Accommodation and flight not included). Customers with a portfolio over U$S 50k.
◉ Benefits: Round-trip travel once per 12 months (up to U$S 2000, economy class), 7-day hotel stay (full board), 1 personalized experience, and transfers. Customers with a portfolio over U$S 500k.
No disponible

Investment Return Calculator

Investment Return Calculator

The estate's location

Google Maps coordinates

Google Maps coordinates

Wine Country Estates

X6RR+V77 Maipú, Mendoza, Argentina

Specific terms and conditions of this investment

This proposal has the following specific conditions; furthermore, by investing in it, you accept the terms and conditions, legal conditions, privacy conditions, company policies, payment policies, charges, and commissions. 




We ask you to carefully read the specific conditions of this proposal:

◉ You can participate using a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and USDT (Crypto).

◉ Profit withdrawals can be requested through bank transfer, credit card, debit card, and USDT (Crypto)

◉ If you invest using a credit card or debit card and wish to withdraw via USDT (Crypto), the minimum investment holding period is 60 business days

◉ The displayed returns are estimated and may vary, including the possibility of losses. Evaluate your risk tolerance before entering.

◉ Past returns do not guarantee future returns.

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