Dear partners and investors,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Wine Country Estates, an exciting investment opportunity in the prosperous world of vineyards in the beautiful region of Mendoza, Argentina. Allow us to introduce you to a unique crowdfunding project that invites you to be part of our thrilling journey in the world of wine.

Mendoza, with its impressive mountainous landscape and exceptional climate, has become a benchmark for the production of world-class wines. It is in this enchanting setting that Wine Country Estates has found its home. Our goal is to merge viticultural tradition with the possibilities offered by crowdfunding, providing passionate investors with the opportunity to participate in the wine industry in an innovative and rewarding way.

What sets us apart? At Wine Country Estates, we firmly believe in the democratization of investment in vineyards. We break traditional barriers by allowing investors of all levels to join us on this exciting journey, without the need for large capital. Whether you are an experienced wine connoisseur or an enthusiastic beginner, everyone is welcome to be part of our viticultural community.

By investing in Wine Country Estates, you will not only benefit financially but also have the opportunity to experience the art and science behind the production of quality wines up close. Our investors will enjoy exclusive visits to our vineyards, private wine tastings, and the possibility to learn from expert winemakers. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the wine culture, learn, and enjoy wine to the fullest.

We are not only passionate about wine but also committed to sustainability and making a positive impact on our community. At Wine Country Estates, we take pride in adopting environmentally friendly agricultural practices, working in collaboration with local communities, and supporting economic and social growth in the region.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey to viticultural success. Be part of Wine Country Estates and share our passion for wine, community, and responsible investment.

Don't miss this investment opportunity in the enchanting heart of Mendoza's wine country!



Our company in numbers

We carry out more than 150 operations monthly.
Square meters
More than 180,000 square meters negotiated.
More than 1200 clients trust and operate with us.
17 team members manage the best proposals.
More than 2.3 million operated annually.

Customers in more than 60 countries trust us.
30% increase in our portfolio semi-annually.
29 direct and indirect collaborators make it possible.

Join our team at Wine Country Estates!

We are looking for advisors and/or account executives in vitivinicultural real estate with experience in crowdfunding to join our team. If you have a passion for the world of wine and knowledge in the real estate and crowdfunding market, this is your opportunity!


Experience in the real estate sector and knowledge in crowdfunding.
Preferably bilingual (English and Spanish), (Portuguese and Spanish), (Chinese and Spanish).
Legal age.
Availability to work remotely from anywhere in the world. .

We value:

A portfolio of investor clients.

We offer:

A dynamic work environment focused on professional growth.
Opportunities to participate in unique and exciting vitivinicultural projects.
Attractive commissions and bonuses.

We look forward to having you as part of Wine Country Estates and contributing to success in the world of vitivinicultural real estate!