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"Invest, enjoy, and harvest success at Wine Country Estates! Join our viticultural crowdfunding in Mendoza, Argentina, where the passion for wine merges with investment opportunities, exclusive experiences, and a sustainable future."

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The Estate ID 3880-647
Maipú, Mendoza, Argentina
37% Complete
U$s 455.000,0
The Estate ID 3880-784
Maipú, Mendoza, Argentina
8% Complete
U$s 767.000,0
The Estate ID 71779-614
Junín, Mendoza, Argentina (Uco Valley)
21% Complete
U$s 84.500,0
Enjoy a good wine while watching your estate grow
We manage the estates from the beginning. We take care of the investment process, purchase, maintenance, and harvest. Without you having to do anything extra!
We always seek excellence
The result of our grape production is destined to create the finest musts and wines. Our agreements with wineries and laboratories allow us to reduce costs and maximize yields without compromising quality.
The result of our land
An exquisite product, worthy of Mendoza. Ready for the domestic market or for export. This is the result of your work and WCE's.
Collaborating for a Sustainable Future
We are dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of our industry through active collaboration. We work with sustainability organizations and experts to improve our agricultural practices, production processes, and logistics. Our focus is on reducing resource consumption, optimizing waste management

We allocate a portion of our capital to the development of new technologies (agrotech) to improve our production and protect the environment in the process.

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The Estate ID98982-17
$35 Million Argentina Wine Estate Produces 600,000 Bottles Annually.

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